Student Quote of the Week: Invincible

Student: *Plays her major scale with no mistakes* “Yes!! I’m invincible!”

*Starts the chord progression, and plays a wrong chord*

Me: “So, you’re almost invincible.”

Student Quote of the Week: Minor Scales

Our conversation after the student played his five-finger scales:

Me: “So, have you noticed that all your scales so far kind of sound the same?”

Student: “Yeah.”

Me: “Well, that’s because they all use the exact same pattern of steps. That pattern is called ‘major.’ Major scales sound sort of happy, don’t they? But listen to what happens if I play the same position and change just the third note.”

*Plays D minor five-finger scale*

Me: “That’s called ‘minor’ position. It sounds a little different, doesn’t it? What sort of mood do you think minor sounds like?”

Student: “Evil.”

Not exactly what I was going for, but it cracked me up all the same.

Writing Reflections: The Role of Fictional Languages

I have always been fascinated by language. The way certain verbal sounds grouped together can have a universally understood meaning within a society is intriguing to me. Even as a kid I would spend time creating my own words, and occasionally “secret codes” that could only be translated by those possessing the key. Oftentimes, such codes were employed as an effective method of passing notes in class with my friends, which could not be interpreted by unwanted eyes. *Ahem.* I’m not condoning such practices of course, but alas, I admit I did not always put such efforts and talents to their best use in my youth. Continue reading

June WIPjoy: Week 3

Here are my answers to the June #WIPjoy prompts on Twitter and Facebook (and occasionally Instagram), about my current work-in-progress, “The Hall of Memories.” You can also view Week 1 and Week 2 by clicking on the links. Enjoy! Continue reading

June WIPjoy: Week 2

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Here are my answers to week 2 of Bethany Jennings’ month long writer’s challenge using the hashtag “WIPjoy.” For this challenge, I get to share info about my current work-in-progress, a fantasy story called The Hall of Memories. Continue reading

June WIPjoy: Week 1

Once again, author Bethany Jennings has put together a super fun Q&A prompt over on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag WIPjoy. The idea is for writers to share info about their latest work-in-progress (a.k.a. “WIP”). Each day for the entire month there is a new prompt for us to answer, in which we share descriptions, information or even occasionally excerpts of stories. It’s a great way to gain new followers and potential readers, and it’s a great source of encouragement and community amongst writers. Plus, it’s a fun way to let others share in your excitement and passion and, yes…joy! 🙂 Continue reading

Student Quote of the Week: Hair

“Hermione’s hair goes from really poofy in the first movie, to straighter and straighter in each movie.”

“Well, sometimes our hair changes as we get older. When I was your age, I didn’t have curly hair. But now look at it! It’s very curly.”

*Eyes widen in shock* “WHAT?? That’s so weird. My mom says my hair is turning brown. But I don’t want it to! Brown hair will make me look old!”

“Hang on a minute–are you saying that look old because my hair’s brown??”

*scoff* “No!! I’m talking about me. I would look old with brown hair, not you!”

“Oh, OK. That’s alright then I guess.”

Student Quote of the Week: Coyote Poop

“Today we went on a field trip!”

“Ooh, fun! Where did you go?”

“The outdoor learning center. We saw some poop there!”


“It was coyote poop. AND it had hair in it!”

“Gross! You looked close enough to see hair?”

“Yeah….it must have eaten a rabbit.”

Student Quote of the Week: Rude Bunnies

“Today we went on a field trip to the outdoor learning center!”

“Wow, that’s great! Was it fun?”

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun. We saw this REALLY fat bunny there.”


“Yeah! It was this wide and this long and its head was this big!”

“Oh, my! That is big.”

“Annnd, the bunny peed right in front of us! It was really gross.”

“Well, when you gotta go, you gotta go.”

“Sure, but not in front of a bunch of people!”

“Ah…Yep. You’re right. That was pretty rude of it.”

“It was a really rude bunny.”

Adventures in Harmonia: The Exiled King (Part 12)

To read previous installments in this series, visit my Adventures in Harmonia page and scroll down.

“Can I help you?” The woman behind the desk asked when I arrived at the main office of Pleasant Oaks Retirement Center. Her name tag proclaimed her to be Tammy.

“Yes. I’m here to see Alexander Haywood. I was wondering if you could tell me where he is.”

“Sure thing, honey. Just give me a second.”

She clacked away on the computer keyboard, smacking her gum loudly. “Haywood…Hay–Ah! Haywood. Found him.” She smiled up at me as if waiting for my congratulations.

“Um…great,” I replied.

“I’m sorry. What did you say your name was, dear?”

“Oh, I don’t think I did. My name’s Stephanie. I’m a…an old friend.”

Tammy smiled still wider. “How sweet! I’m sure he’ll be delighted to see you then. According to my records, he hasn’t had a visitor in a long while. Your company might do him good.”

“I hope so.”

Continue reading