Writing Reflections: The Role of Fictional Languages

I have always been fascinated by language. The way certain verbal sounds grouped together can have a universally understood meaning within a society is intriguing to me. Even as a kid I would spend time creating my own words, and occasionally “secret codes” that could only be translated by those possessing the key. Oftentimes, such codes were employed as an effective method of passing notes in class with my friends, which could not be interpreted by unwanted eyes. *Ahem.* I’m not condoning such practices of course, but alas, I admit I did not always put such efforts and talents to their best use in my youth. Continue reading


My WIP Joy (Part 2)

Part 1

Continuing with Bethany Jennings’ #JauaryWIPjoy prompts, here are my next few answers in regards to my work-in-progress, The Hall of Memories (book one of The Armor of Edir Chronicles). For more information about the month-long hashtag challenge, follow the link above to part 1!

13. A Piece of Feedback that made you smile.

This one was easy, because, as Providence would have it, I just recently received an incredibly encouraging critique from a complete stranger who read my revised Prologue. He gave some unexpected praise that left me a bit stunned (in a good way) for the rest of the week: Continue reading

My WIP Joy (Part 1)

Author Bethany Jennings created a fun hashtag challenge for writers, with a different prompt about your WIP (work-in-progress) every day for the month of January. This has been such a blast, and I figured, why not share my answers here? 🙂

Fellow writers are welcome to join in! Just visit Bethany’s Twitter profile (@simmeringmind) to see the pinned list of daily prompts!

So, here are the first twelve days of my #JanuaryWIPjoy. Continue reading

Writing Reflections: Ask Questions

As many of you already know, I have not always been “serious” about writing. In fact, it wasn’t until college that I really took the plunge. That’s not to say that I never wrote anything before then. I would occasionally pen a poem, and there were a few short stories I finished–albeit as school assignments, but I still enjoyed writing them.

journey_to_center_of_earthMy favorite was a story I wrote about two scientists (Dr. Green and Dr. Pepper–yes, I thought I was hilarious) who invent a machine that can drill to the center of the earth while they ride inside it, facing many life-threatening dangers along the way. The title was, you guessed it, “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” Sadly, my English teacher informed me that, while the story itself was fine, the title was already taken.

Blast you, Jules Verne!! Continue reading

Writing Reflections: The Strength of Man

“Writing Reflections” is a new series of posts, in which I plan to discuss various aspects of–you guessed it–writing. I by no means consider myself an authority on the subject. There is still much I have to learn. Rather, I prefer to view it as an opportunity to share my experiences and discoveries along the way. Sometimes the subject will deal with writing in a more general sense. Other times, I will talk about specific moments or themes from my own journey. Today’s topic will fall into the latter category.

quill journal

My current work-in-progress, The Armor of Edir Chroniclesis a fantasy series. As such, it has its fair share of magical and mythical creatures. And those creatures, particularly Elves and Dwarves, frequently appear alongside us–the mundane, boring humans.

As I was thus considering all of these characters and their relation to one another, a question arose in my mind: What is the strength of Man? Continue reading