June WIPjoy: Week 3

Here are my answers to the June #WIPjoy prompts on Twitter and Facebook (and occasionally Instagram), about my current work-in-progress, “The Hall of Memories.” You can also view Week 1 and Week 2 by clicking on the links. Enjoy! Continue reading


June WIPjoy: Week 2

Click here to view week 1.

Here are my answers to week 2 of Bethany Jennings’ month long writer’s challenge using the hashtag “WIPjoy.” For this challenge, I get to share info about my current work-in-progress, a fantasy story called The Hall of Memories. Continue reading

June WIPjoy: Week 1

Once again, author Bethany Jennings has put together a super fun Q&A prompt over on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag WIPjoy. The idea is for writers to share info about their latest work-in-progress (a.k.a. “WIP”). Each day for the entire month there is a new prompt for us to answer, in which we share descriptions, information or even occasionally excerpts of stories. It’s a great way to gain new followers and potential readers, and it’s a great source of encouragement and community amongst writers. Plus, it’s a fun way to let others share in your excitement and passion and, yes…joy! 🙂 Continue reading

My WIP Joy (Part 3)

Part 1, Part 2

Continuing author Bethany Jennings’ hashtag challenge: #JanuaryWIPjoy, where writers answer a daily prompt about their work-in-progress (WIP). To view the previous questions and my answers, click the links above!

Here are the next few answers for my WIP, “The Hall of Memories,” book 1 of “The Armor of Edir Chronicles.”

19. Some tastes/flavors shown in your WIP.

Bread, strawberries, apples, ale, tea, water, Cathy’s famous cookies, meat…and grass (long story).

*side note: It turns out that studying Irish Gaelic first thing in the morning makes my brain want to translate words I know into Irish, including this list of food. 😛 I actually had to reread the list several times to make sure everything was in English. Continue reading

Tales from Ineris: Seth and Elya

Today I would like to welcome back Barnard, Loremaster of Gilafar. If you missed my introduction of this intriguing curmudgeon, click here to view the post.

Shortly after I published his character introduction, it occurred to me how fun it would be if Barnard made an occasional appearance as a “guest writer.” After speaking with him about this idea, I am pleased to announce that he has most generously agreed to aid me in this endeavor, and to share some of his knowledge with my readers. Barnard was never one to turn down the opportunity for a good story, after all. And who better to tell you about Ineris (the world in which my story takes place), than one who actually claims residence there?

So I hope you will welcome Barnard and enjoy his narrative on today’s topic. Continue reading

My WIP Joy (Part 2)

Part 1

Continuing with Bethany Jennings’ #JauaryWIPjoy prompts, here are my next few answers in regards to my work-in-progress, The Hall of Memories (book one of The Armor of Edir Chronicles). For more information about the month-long hashtag challenge, follow the link above to part 1!

13. A Piece of Feedback that made you smile.

This one was easy, because, as Providence would have it, I just recently received an incredibly encouraging critique from a complete stranger who read my revised Prologue. He gave some unexpected praise that left me a bit stunned (in a good way) for the rest of the week: Continue reading

My WIP Joy (Part 1)

Author Bethany Jennings created a fun hashtag challenge for writers, with a different prompt about your WIP (work-in-progress) every day for the month of January. This has been such a blast, and I figured, why not share my answers here? 🙂

Fellow writers are welcome to join in! Just visit Bethany’s Twitter profile (@simmeringmind) to see the pinned list of daily prompts!

So, here are the first twelve days of my #JanuaryWIPjoy. Continue reading

Character Introduction: Barnard

I would like to occasionally offer my readers little glimpses into the world of Ineris, the world in which my work-in-progress takes place. It won’t be a lot, because I don’t want to give too much away. 😉 But I thought sharing some quotes, and perhaps introducing some of the characters, would be a fun way to start peaking your interest (hopefully) while I continue to tackle the seemingly endless mountain of editing left to make it presentable as a whole.

So, for today, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Barnard, Loremaster of Gilafar. Within the northern capital, he is known primarily for his unrivaled storytelling skills–that and his grouchy, cantankerous disposition. Yet his humble lifestyle conceals a most interesting and exciting past…which I’m not gonna tell you about now. 😛

Continue reading

The Armor of Edir: Artwork

I by no means claim to be an incredible artist. Drawing is certainly not my forte, so if I succeed in getting my book published, and I sincerely hope I will, I’ll gladly leave the cover art to someone with more talent. That being said, that doesn’t mean I haven’t drawn anything for “visualization” and reference purposes. I have a hand-drawn, detailed map of the entire fantasy world in which my story takes place, and I’ve even gone so far as to draw floor plans of certain buildings, just to make sure I describe the setting properly and consistently.

Weird? Maybe to non-writers. I’m sure my engineer-husband has wondered multiple times just what he got himself into, with the most recent occasion probably being this past weekend. I was touching up my drawing of a prominent symbol used in my story, and I may have gotten a tiny bit carried away. At one point, my husband actually asked me why I was working so hard on something that no one else was going to see. To which my reply was two-fold: 1) The better I can visualize it, the better I can describe it. And 2) Because it’s fun. Continue reading