Adventures in Harmonia: Music Theory and Dinosaurs (Part 13)

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I spent the rest of the weekend contemplating “King” Alexander’s odd request. He wanted me to get him back to Harmonia? REALLY? How on earth was I supposed to do that? Even if I discovered what was blocking him from using the portals in the first place and then miraculously figured out how to unblock him, there was still the matter of smuggling him out of a nursing home. Sure, I could take the music box there so he technically wouldn’t even have to leave his room, but still…the nurses were bound to notice his disappearance into thin air sooner or later. Continue reading


Adventures in Harmonia: Questions (Part 11)

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“Hi, Ms. Stephanie!” Alyson greeted me when I opened the door later that afternoon.

“Hi there. How are you?”

“Great!” She stepped over the threshold and took off her coat. Her mother, Tiffany, followed.

“Hello. I’m going to stay today, if that’s OK,” Tiffany said.

I scarcely concealed my relief. “Of course! Come on in!”

Ha! I wouldn’t have to talk about the music box or Harmonia now. Not with the mom there. Continue reading

The Secret Life of Leopold H. Caterpillar (Part 5)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Leopold joined the other agents crowding around the table laden with the latest and best weapons.

“Now, we’re all aware that relatively little is known about the Morphs so far, given our brief contact with them,” said Evelyn Butterfly. “Unfortunately for us, that means we’re at the disadvantage because we don’t know how to defend ourselves against them or what their weaknesses are.”

“We’ll juss give ’em a good ol’ fashioned whoopin’!” exclaimed Frank Grasshopper, throwing his fists in all directions.

Evelyn fixed him with a steely glare. Frank froze in mid-strike, then slowly lowered his fists and mumbled to his feet. Continue reading

The Secret Life of Leopold H. Caterpillar (Part 4)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


After a short nap, Leopold’s first order of business was to visit the mess hall. He couldn’t remember the last time he had gone so long without eating, but his stomach complained pitifully.

“Good, the salad bar’s still open!” he said to himself as he entered the room.

Leopold piled his tray with generous helpings of leaves, grass, and a few flower petals for extra flavor then found an empty table and sat down to refuel. Either the food was exceptionally delicious today, or he was just too hungry to care. He shoveled another handful of greens into his mouth and glanced around. Continue reading

The Secret Life of Leopold H. Caterpillar (Part 3)

Part 1, Part 2.

Leopold entered the dim room, which boasted about the same amount of personality as the Chief himself. No decor of any sort graced the bare walls, and the sparse, practical furniture made sitting on a porcupine look more inviting. Chief Mantis valued functionality above all else, and preferred not to waste time on what he described as “unnecessary, frivolous frippery.”

Mantis 7

Chief Edward James Mantis

Continue reading

The Secret Life of Leopold H. Caterpillar (Part 2)

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Far below, tiny houses dotted the flat land and rivers wriggled along like so many worms. Leopold only dared a peek every now and then. Mostly, he kept his focus on Joy’s feathers or on the shapes of the fluffy clouds that were far too close for comfort–just as long as he didn’t have to look down. Joy chattered and sang the whole time, but the howl of the wind in Leopold’s ears made it impossible to hear anything. Honestly, he was glad for it. The last thing he needed was the bluebird’s bubbly voice grating on his nerves and breaking his concentration. Continue reading

Adventures in Harmonia: The High Guardian (Part 9)

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Alyson and I followed the pathway into the woods. As the bright sunlight faded into a gloomy twilight beneath the trees’ domain, my mood darkened as well. Why did Maestro insist we meet alone deep inside a forest? Was the topic we were about to discuss really that dangerous? Or did he have more sinister reasons for getting us on our own?

I stopped in my tracks and watched Alyson skip along the path in front of me. For an instant, guilt consumed me. Maybe I shouldn’t have brought her along. Then I shook myself. No. It was just as dangerous, if not more so, to leave her alone. How was I to know if all those Notes back at the Inn were trustworthy? Better to stick together I thought, remembering the mysterious reaction of the Notes upon seeing Alyson enter the Inn. Continue reading

Adventures in Harmonia: The Half Rest Inn (Part 8)

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The Staff Road

The Staff Road

One positive fact about the bare layout of Harmonia was that my line of sight was virtually unobstructed. If anything came after us, odds were I’d see it long before it got to us. Not that I knew what I’d do if faced with a sudden adversary. I had nothing on me, no weapons of any kind, and there was nothing lying around that I could use either. We’d probably just run like crazy. Continue reading

Adventures in Harmonia: Recess (Part 7)

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music portal “Maestro says you are from the Other World.”

“Yes…” I sighed. “I suppose so.”

“What are you doing here, then?”

A sharp laugh dangerously close to hysteria escaped my lips. “I wish I knew! One minute, I was teaching Alyson in my house. The next, we were here.”

“But, you must have come for a reason?”

“Trust me—I had no intention of coming here. I didn’t even know this place existed!” Then I added under my breath, “The sooner I can get out of here, the better.” Continue reading

Adventures in Harmonia: Recess (Part 6)

Catch up here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

playground 1

It struck me as odd that, in such a ridiculous, nonsensical world, there should be something as common as a playground. Yet there it was in the school yard, sticking out like a perfectly normal thumb surrounded by sore fingers. Swings, slides, a merry-go-round, a climbing gym and more awaited the eager Note children. For whatever reason, I could not justify its existence in my mind. By this time, however, I had stopped trying to understand any of it. Instead, I just accepted the fact that schools for music Notes must have playgrounds as well as human schools. Continue reading