Alliterative Antics…And Assonance Also! (Part “Ch”)


On the new Choice Channel, charging cheetahs chase cheeky chimpanzees in cheesy checkered chaps, and chortling children who chomp cherished chocolate churros cheer Charlie the Charming Chicken, chief champion of the Chinese Checkers Challenge and winner of the Chunky Cheddar Cheese Chalice.

Tune in on Saturday!


Alliterative Antics…And Assonance Also! (Part “C”)


Charismatic camels commuted California’s causeways in clementine-colored caps and capes, carrying cantankerous chameleons in crimson cloaks. The conspicuous companions created a confused and chaotic commotion, and calls from curious crowds cascaded upon cops, crying for clarification on this conundrum. Cameras clicked constantly. Cable companies covered the clamor with constant commentary, correspondents composing and countering claims.

Clues communicated a classified case of carnivorous crickets in California. The camels and chameleons combed every crack and crevice to catch all contaminated crickets and clear communities of catastrophe.

Crisis was countered by these covert, courageous combatants of calamity.

Alliterative Antics…And Assonance Also! (Part “B”)

The Three Warnings of B:

Busybodies, beware brutish, barefoot baristas bearing bulky baseball bats behind biker bars, because bloody beatings breed broken bones.

Beware: Big black bears brandish bargains beyond belief in business basements, but brazenly bite beguiled buyers.

Boldly bringing beaucoup bananas before bellowing baboon-burdened buses begets bounteous biting. Beware buffoonery, and bustle on by, blameless bystander!

Heed the warnings of B!

Alliterative Antics…And Assonance Also! (Part “A”)

And now, it’s time for a complete change of gears. Here’s some silliness to brighten your day! 😉


As always, an astounding and altogether amazing accomplishment at assonance. Although, actually applied, as awkward and alarming as an abnormally appalling asymmetrical antelope arriving accidentally at an abstract animal artwork auction.

Absurd, albeit amusing.

You’re welcome.