Erinspell (A Musical Ode to Ireland)

Check out my brand new music video, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and one of my favorite places in the world!!

Solace (An Original Song for Piano)

Where would I be without the help of technology?  I uploaded this music video to YouTube several weeks ago. Then I started a blog post to inform my followers of the new song, and…….forgot to publish it. LOL!! So, here it is at last, thanks to my WordPress app on my phone which reminded me I had an unpublished draft waiting to be finished. 😀

Check out my music video on YouTube now! “Solace” is an original piece for solo piano that I wrote last year. I couldn’t resist including a few of my favorite photos from my travels as well. 😉

Enjoy!! ❤

Always Winter, Never Christmas (Music Video)

In honor of December, which boasts my favorite holiday, here is a music video I put together for one of my compositions.

It is a piano solo called, “Always Winter, Never Christmas,” which is a reference to “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C. S. Lewis. Hence, this is my tribute to one of my favorite childhood books. ❤

Feel free to share, and let me know what you think!

Merry Christmas!!

My New YouTube Channel!


I did it! I finally made a YouTube channel!

*hyperventilates in a corner* I will not panic…I will not panic…

I have been writing music for years, and it is my hope to one day make professional recordings. In the meantime, I’m forcing myself to be brave for once and share my songs with the public, via some casual home recordings. 🙂 They won’t be professional quality, by any means, but I hope they will still be enjoyable to my listeners, and most importantly, help to spread the word!

You can view my first video now. This is my most recent composition, based on the poem “The Old Astronomer (To His Pupil)” by Sarah Williams. Feel free to like, subscribe, and share!

I hope you enjoy listening, and thanks for stopping by!

Now, excuse me while I turn into a nervous wreck and question every decision that led to this point…



Reach me down my Tycho Brahé–I would know him when we meet,

When I share my later science, sitting humbly at his feet;

He may know the law of all things, yet be ignorant of how

We are working to completion, working on from then to now.


But, my pupil, as my pupil you have learned the worth of scorn,

You have laughed with me at pity, we have joyed to be forlorn,

What for us are all distractions of men’s fellowship and wiles;

What for us the Goddess Pleasure with her meretricious smiles.


You may tell that German College that their honor comes too late,

But they must not waste repentance on the grizzly savant’s fate.

Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;

I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.


Well then, kiss me–since my mother left her blessing on my brow,

There has been a something wanting in my nature until now;

I can dimly comprehend it–that I might have been more kind,

Might have cherished you more wisely, as the one I leave behind.


I must say Good-bye, my pupil, for I cannot longer speak;

Draw the curtain back for Venus, ere my vision grows too weak:

It is strange the pearly planet should look red as fiery Mars–

God will mercifully guide me on my way amongst the stars.


**to view the full poem, see my previous blog post

Student Quote of the Week: Don’t Eat the Orange Ones

Student: “My friend told me that some ladybugs are actually poisonous.”

Me: “Oh really?”

Student: “Yeah. The red and black ones are okay. But the orange and black ones are poisonous. So you shouldn’t eat those ones.”

Me: “Aw, really? Well, alright…I guess I won’t be eating the orange ones then.”

There go my dinner plans.

Student Quote of the Week (Trauma by Horse)

When a perfectly innocent conversation with your piano student, about THEORY, mind you, suddenly takes a turn into PG-13 level inappropriate subject matter, and you’re left alternating between utter shock and uncontrollable laughter…

Me: “Look! On this page of theory homework you get to write your own song about a Pegasus! That’s cool!”

Student: “I don’t want to write about a Pegasus. I saw a horse once, and it was horrible. I definitely didn’t like it. It was a boy horse, so I saw his (*whispering*) you-know-what….It was so gross!! EW!!! I never want to see a boy again!”

Me: (*through tears of laughter*) “I’m sorry. That does sound awful. You don’t have to write about a Pegasus then.”

Student Quote of the Week: Invincible

Student: *Plays her major scale with no mistakes* “Yes!! I’m invincible!”

*Starts the chord progression, and plays a wrong chord*

Me: “So, you’re almost invincible.”

Student Quote of the Week: Minor Scales

Our conversation after the student played his five-finger scales:

Me: “So, have you noticed that all your scales so far kind of sound the same?”

Student: “Yeah.”

Me: “Well, that’s because they all use the exact same pattern of steps. That pattern is called ‘major.’ Major scales sound sort of happy, don’t they? But listen to what happens if I play the same position and change just the third note.”

*Plays D minor five-finger scale*

Me: “That’s called ‘minor’ position. It sounds a little different, doesn’t it? What sort of mood do you think minor sounds like?”

Student: “Evil.”

Not exactly what I was going for, but it cracked me up all the same.

Student Quote of the Week: Hair

“Hermione’s hair goes from really poofy in the first movie, to straighter and straighter in each movie.”

“Well, sometimes our hair changes as we get older. When I was your age, I didn’t have curly hair. But now look at it! It’s very curly.”

*Eyes widen in shock* “WHAT?? That’s so weird. My mom says my hair is turning brown. But I don’t want it to! Brown hair will make me look old!”

“Hang on a minute–are you saying that look old because my hair’s brown??”

*scoff* “No!! I’m talking about me. I would look old with brown hair, not you!”

“Oh, OK. That’s alright then I guess.”

Student Quote of the Week: Coyote Poop

“Today we went on a field trip!”

“Ooh, fun! Where did you go?”

“The outdoor learning center. We saw some poop there!”


“It was coyote poop. AND it had hair in it!”

“Gross! You looked close enough to see hair?”

“Yeah….it must have eaten a rabbit.”