The Tale of the Three Sisters (Or, The Demon Fish of Galveston)

WARNING: The following is a true story, and might be too frightening or intense for more sensitive readers.


Dear reader,

I have broken my long absence from this blog to bring you troubling news regarding a recent experience of mine. Rather than beating around the bush, I shall simply come right out and say it:

I almost died.

Yes, my friend, it is true. So terrifying, so traumatizing was this brush with danger that I have decided to recount the events faithfully in order to equip others with the necessary knowledge, that they may avoid the same mistakes in the future.

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There and Back Again (Part 6): Ireland’s West Coast

Sometimes it is the places that impact us the most that require the fewest words in their account. Indeed, to speak of them too much would only take away from the enchantment. For what could one hope to say that would do them justice? Such was the case for me on Ireland’s west coast. There is just something about those wild, rocky shores with their wind-swept hills and soaring cliffs that stole my heart from the start. It is a rugged, untamed beauty which no words, no matter how cleverly contrived, can ever truly enhance.

How does one begin to describe the sights, sounds, and emotions that inhabit a place of such wonder? I begin to think it an impossible task. For all those sensations are only truly understood by the one who experiences them. Yet describe it I must, however feeble my attempt may prove to be. So I shall do my best.

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There and Back Again (Part 5): Glencar Waterfall

To catch up on my Irish journey, click here: Part 1 (New York City), Part 2 (Wicklow and Cabra Castle), Part 3 (Newgrange), Part 4 (Tara)

glencar cliffs

As you might recall from my earlier posts, my husband and I arrived first in Dublin, Ireland. We had reservations to stay in several castles spread out within the country, but other than that we were free to do as we pleased. So we rented a car and took off on our exciting journey, a journey which would lead us eventually in a circle around the whole island–that is, within the Republic of Ireland. We didn’t venture into Northern Ireland this time around, but perhaps we will in the future. 😉 That being said, there is plenty to do and see within the Republic itself to keep a visitor busy for a while; and as we were only there for a week, you can bet we didn’t see everything. But what we did see was truly awe-inspiring and worth the trip. Today’s stop is no exception. Continue reading

There and Back Again (Part 4): The Hill of Tara

To catch up on my journey to Ireland, click here: Part 1 (New York City), Part 2 (Wicklow and Cabra Castle), Part 3 (Newgrange).

Tara hill

As I mentioned before, one of the best parts about my trip to Ireland was discovering places along the way that I have heard of for years, but never expected to get to see them myself. Such was the case for Tara.

I hadn’t even realized Tara was so close to Newgrange, but thankfully I came across the name on a map inside the Newgrange visitor center and the next stop of the day was thus quickly determined.

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There and Back Again (Part 3): Newgrange

Part 1 (New York City), Part 2 (Wicklow and Cabra Castle)

newgrange standing stone

A standing stone at the Newgrange site.

Perhaps one of the most exciting parts about our Ireland trip for me was the amount of places we discovered along our route that I had actually heard of before. It was even more exciting because we didn’t plan any of it. It just happened to work out that whenever we researched things to see in a new area, something would inevitably pop up that I recognized by name and would cause me to shake my husband’s arm like a maniac and exclaim, “I know that! We HAVE to go there!! Ahhh!!!”

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There and Back Again (Part 2): Wicklow and Cabra Castle

(Go here for part 1: New York City.)

Ireland 24

Our flight from New York to Ireland was very smooth and uneventful. We landed in Dublin around 5:00 a.m. local time, ate breakfast in the airport, then picked up our rental car. Interesting side note for those who, like us, are not used to driving on the left side of the road (or, as our shuttle driver called it, the “right” side): it is a common tendency to drift too far to the left in an attempt to avoid on coming traffic. This was easily evidenced by the rental car parking lot, where basically all the rental cars had scratches and dings on the left side only. Moral: be alert when driving, and pay attention to both sides of the road. 😉 Continue reading

There and Back Again: A Journey to Remember

Times Square

Times Square

Last month, my husband and I embarked on the journey of my dreams. Leaving our home behind, we traveled across the sea and set out on a grand adventure to my favorite place in the whole world:


I still have to pinch myself sometimes and remind me that it did actually happen–I didn’t dream it all up.

The first leg of our journey was spent traveling from Dallas to New York, where we would get on the plane to Dublin. Since we’ve never been to NYC, we decided to go a couple days early and see some of the sights. It was quite exciting, to be sure, although these Texans (who are definitely not used to having to walk everywhere) were bemoaning our sore feet by the last day. Continue reading