The Tale of the Three Sisters (Or, The Demon Fish of Galveston)

WARNING: The following is a true story, and might be too frightening or intense for more sensitive readers.


Dear reader,

I have broken my long absence from this blog to bring you troubling news regarding a recent experience of mine. Rather than beating around the bush, I shall simply come right out and say it:

I almost died.

Yes, my friend, it is true. So terrifying, so traumatizing was this brush with danger that I have decided to recount the events faithfully in order to equip others with the necessary knowledge, that they may avoid the same mistakes in the future.

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“The Lord’s Prayer” (a Hymn), Music Video

At my church, one of our pastors recently led us through a study of the Lord’s Prayer in depth. Then, a few weeks ago, I was inspired to put it to music. Yes, I realize it has been done before, but I still wanted to create a simple, easy-to-sing arrangement that others will hopefully find accessible, or at least enjoyable. 🙂 

So here it is! As always, thanks for watching, and feel free to share, subscribe, and all that fun stuff. 😉

“Universe” (Solar Eclipse Music Video)

You can watch my latest music video on YouTube now! This is an instrumental piece I wrote a few years ago for piano. After August’s amazing solar eclipse, which I was fortunate enough to witness and get some pretty epic photos of (thanks to my sweet telescope with solar filter), I was inspired to make this video which includes said photos. It seemed fitting, given the title of the song. 😉

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YouTube Interview with Roadside Beggars Music

I know I’ve been rather silent in the blogosphere lately, for which I apologize to my dear readers. Alas, life can be busy and I started to find that blogging was cutting into my already limited writing time too much, which meant other writing endeavors (particularly my fantasy novel and singing/songwriting projects) were suffering for it. So I’ve mostly put the blog on the back burner for now. 

That said, I’m dusting off this poor, neglected page to make an exciting announcement:

In addition to my new YouTube channel I started to share some of my original music, I was recently invited by Roadside Beggars Music here in North Texas to be featured in a summer series they’ve been doing on YouTube, in which they interview local musicians and give them a chance to perform a few of their songs. How cool is that??

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous, but also excited. The nerves mostly stemmed from the fact that I haven’t sung solo in front of other humans since, like, middle school when I sang at church. LOL!! But I did it and survived, so now I can go forth in the knowledge that I am capable of such a feat. 😉

Here are both parts of my interview, for those who are interested:

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me to be braver with my music. ❤

Book Review: The Genesis Tree by Heather L. L. FitzGerald

genesis tree


She took down the Nephilim queen—but can she and her brother save the kingdom?

Sadie Larcen may have defeated the traitorous Queen Estancia, but she’s quite happy to be home with her family. Unfortunately, their fiendish neighbor, Mr. Marshall, is still up to no good. He’s called a press conference with plans to introduce the world to a living, breathing Bigfoot.

As a Sasquatch expert, Sadie’s mother Amy is coerced into lending her expertise to the spectacle. When Sadie and her brother Brady spy nefarious, uninvited guests at the gathering, they know there’s trouble brewing in the Tethered World. The two are driven into separate, dangerous exploits as they are thrust back into the schemes of the forces of darkness. Schemes that include using their autistic brother Brock as leverage to seize control of the Flaming Sword and the Tree of Life. The Gargoyles and Trolls have an ambition that extends beyond dominating these powerful elements. They’ve set their sights on the Topside realm—with or without the help of Mr. Marshall.

Deception is rampant, the enemy is subtle, and love dares to tug at Sadie’s heart amid the turmoil below. Once again, she and Brady will cling to God’s faithfulness as they fight for the people and creatures they care for, and against the enemies they fear.

Will the cost be more than they can endure?

Having followed the journey of the Larcen family almost from its conception, it is difficult to believe the final book has been published and now I have to say goodbye. What a satisfying, but heart-breaking goodbye it is, too.

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Erinspell (A Musical Ode to Ireland)

Check out my brand new music video, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, and one of my favorite places in the world!!

Solace (An Original Song for Piano)

Where would I be without the help of technology?  I uploaded this music video to YouTube several weeks ago. Then I started a blog post to inform my followers of the new song, and…….forgot to publish it. LOL!! So, here it is at last, thanks to my WordPress app on my phone which reminded me I had an unpublished draft waiting to be finished. 😀

Check out my music video on YouTube now! “Solace” is an original piece for solo piano that I wrote last year. I couldn’t resist including a few of my favorite photos from my travels as well. 😉

Enjoy!! ❤

The Thorn Bush and the Lamb

There once was a little red squirrel,

Adam was his name.

He stole an acorn

From the Oak

And ate it without shame.

‘Twas the dead of night, the story goes,

Black as a raven’s wing.

Lightning flashed!

Thunder crashed

From storm clouds gathering.


The wind began to howl.

Sharp rain pelted the ground.

Scared and alone,

Adam fled,

No shelter to be found.

He climbed a hill, bare and bleak,

But halted in dismay.

Glistening fangs.

Sharp claws.

A great Wolf blocked the way.


Adam ran–O, horror!

The Wolf pursued behind.

Hot breath steamed

On Adam’s tail.

“Help!” he squeaked in fright.

No answer met his cry.

To the crest he rushed.

The Wolf snapped,

But Adam leapt

Into an old thorn bush.


Sharp fingers cut him,

Their victim to ensnare.

With glowing eyes,

The Wolf peered

Into the thorny lair.

Through a gap in the clouds,

A single star shone bright.

“The Sun is coming!

The Sun is coming!”

It whispered to the night.


Shivering and bleeding,

Adam looked to the skies–

Behind the clouds

A host of stars

Blinked their sleepy eyes.

What seemed to Adam first to be

One voice from one star,

He now perceived

Not one, but many–

Chanting from afar.


Their voices slowly rose

From whispers to a song:

“The Sun is coming!

The Sun is coming!

It will not now be long.”

“The Law is plain,” said the Wolf,

“Inscribed on the old Oak tree:

‘The guilty shall

Not go unpunished;’

The thief belongs to me.”


Out of the waning darkness,

A small, white Lamb emerged.

Amidst the storm,

Its feeble bleat

Scarcely could be heard.

“Run!” warned Adam, but the Lamb

Bowed its downy head.

Teeth snapped,

Claws slashed.

And then the Lamb fell dead.


Lustily, the great Wolf

Licked his red-stained maw.

With wicked grin

He prowled nigh,

Blood dripping from his jaw.

“A tasty treat,” declared the Wolf,

“But my appetite

Demands a morsel

More, or two.

You’ll make a fair bite.”


As Adam shivered in his cage,

Beneath the Wolf’s cold gaze,

The rain stopped,

The wind calmed,

The thunder rolled away.

Adam wept; what hope had he

To see the break of day?

Long claws

Reached inside

And slowly crept his way.


Suddenly, a beam of light

Streaked across the sky.

Shining through

Stem and thorn,

It filled the bush with light.

Squinting through the brambles,

Adam spied the Moon’s bright face.

Grinning wide,

The Moon looked down

Upon his hiding place.


“Hush, small one,” whispered the Moon,

“Fear not night’s dark sway;

The Sun is coming!

The Sun is coming!

And soon ’twill be the day.”

“How can you speak thus,” said Adam,

“And what does it mean?

‘The Sun is coming!’

What good is that

To a wretched squirrel like me?”


With a warm smile, the Moon replied,

“Why, do you not yet know?

My face but

Reflects the light

From the Sun’s bright glow!

“We wait for him,” said the Moon,

“And ever through the night,

We bring the hope

Of one far greater,

With the promise of his light.”


E’en as the Moon thus spoke,

The Wolf began to howl,

For the light

Singed his fur

And burned him where he prowled.

The Moon joined the stars,

Together singing out:

“The Sun is coming!

The Sun is coming!”

It turned into a shout.


“Quiet!” cried the Wolf

As he shook his shaggy head.

“The Sun is coming!

The Sun is coming!”

The call began to spread.

The waking birds joined the chorus,

Across the sky it rang:

“The Sun is coming!

The Sun is coming!”

Every creature sang.


Enraged, the great Wolf charged

Into the bush of thorns.

He snapped and snarled,

But far away

Rang out the sound of horns.

Knowing that his time had come,

Adam closed his eyes.

“Too late

It is for me

To see the Sun arise.”


But ere the Wolf could reach him,

A loud roar rent the air.

Upon the hill,

Majestic and strong,

Stood a golden Lion fair.

“What can this be?” declared the Wolf,

Scarcely believing his sight.

Behind the Lion,

Low in the sky,

There glowed a distant light.


The Lion laughed and answered,

“Your power is undone.

I am the Lamb.

I am the King.

I am the risen Sun.”

The Lion leapt across the hill

His prey to devour,

With mighty roar,

He slew the Wolf

Therein the dawn’s first hour.


Frightened and unsure,

In hiding Adam lay.

For surely he,


The King would also slay.

“Fear not, child,” urged the Lion,

“You need not hide from me.

For ’twas your debt

I paid in full,

That you may be set free.”


“Come and ride with me,”

The Lion gently said.

“The night has passed,

The day has come,

And home lies just ahead.”

Adam climbed the Lion’s back.

A strange thing met his sight–

A little bud

Amidst the thorns,

Bathed in golden light.


Even as he watched,

A sweet scent reached his nose;

The bud opened,

Red petals bloomed

Into a fragrant rose.

Together, squirrel and Lion departed

‘Midst birdsong and bee’s hum.

The rose smiled

And softly said,

“Behold, the Sun has come.”

Always Winter, Never Christmas (Music Video)

In honor of December, which boasts my favorite holiday, here is a music video I put together for one of my compositions.

It is a piano solo called, “Always Winter, Never Christmas,” which is a reference to “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” by C. S. Lewis. Hence, this is my tribute to one of my favorite childhood books. ❤

Feel free to share, and let me know what you think!

Merry Christmas!!