YouTube Interview with Roadside Beggars Music

I know I’ve been rather silent in the blogosphere lately, for which I apologize to my dear readers. Alas, life can be busy and I started to find that blogging was cutting into my already limited writing time too much, which meant other writing endeavors (particularly my fantasy novel and singing/songwriting projects) were suffering for it. So I’ve mostly put the blog on the back burner for now. 

That said, I’m dusting off this poor, neglected page to make an exciting announcement:

In addition to my new YouTube channel I started to share some of my original music, I was recently invited by Roadside Beggars Music here in North Texas to be featured in a summer series they’ve been doing on YouTube, in which they interview local musicians and give them a chance to perform a few of their songs. How cool is that??

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous, but also excited. The nerves mostly stemmed from the fact that I haven’t sung solo in front of other humans since, like, middle school when I sang at church. LOL!! But I did it and survived, so now I can go forth in the knowledge that I am capable of such a feat. 😉

Here are both parts of my interview, for those who are interested:

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and encouraged me to be braver with my music. ❤


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