June WIPjoy: Week 2

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Here are my answers to week 2 of Bethany Jennings’ month long writer’s challenge using the hashtag “WIPjoy.” For this challenge, I get to share info about my current work-in-progress, a fantasy story called The Hall of Memories.

5. The character you relate to most, and why.

They say that a writer’s first book usually includes a main character who is a lot like them. I guess that’s true for me as well. *shrug* I’ve fallen into the stereotype. Oh well. 😉

I relate most to Eruvred. We’re both curious and have highly active imaginations. We also care about everyone & want everybody to be happy all the time, so we’re usually the peacemakers/mediators. We also easily feel other’s emotions and can put ourselves in their shoes.

We’re not exactly the same though. Vred is a little more outgoing than I am; definitely braver; and more outspoken about his beliefs. He’s not afraid to fight for what he believes in–something I wish I was better at.

6. A character who shares a flaw with you.

Once again, that would be Eruvred.

Because we both want to make everyone happy, we often burden ourselves with the self-imposed responsibility to make it so. And when we fail (which is usually the case), we blame ourselves and wonder if we could have tried harder, rather than acknowledging we aren’t all-powerful and trusting God’s providence.

Over the course of his journey, Vred will have to not only recognize this flaw in himself, but learn to trust in the strength of forces outside of him.

7. Did you base anyone off a real person?

Why yes, I did. 😉 Not intentionally at first, but once I noticed their similarities, I decided to run with it.

Cathelin, also called Cathy, is the head cook of the royal kitchens in Gilafar. She is a very short, very opinionated old woman who has more than enough spunk to make up for her lack of height. She’s one of the first people young Eruvred meets when he arrives in the city and they immediately hit it off. Over the years, Cathy becomes a grandmotherly figure to him, spoiling him and giving him a good kick in the rear in equal measures. Being the talkative sort, she is also known for her endless supply of “Cathy-isms.” Whatever the situation, she is guaranteed to have some witty proverb to offer on the subject (most often of her own creation).

Cathelin is based off one of my grandmothers, Kathy (or Nana to me)–also a feisty little woman with a big heart and some mean cooking skills.

8. Share a line that shows a character’s sense of humor.


From who else but my favorite cantankerous, grouchy old man? Barnard!

“Is it also true,” Mara yelled over him, “that you told the poor boy you put a curse on your wagon so that whoever touched it would lose all their teeth?”

“Oh, yes…” A delighted grin slowly spread over the old man’s face. “It was a stroke of genius, I must admit. His face! Complete and utter horror.” He giggled wheezily and wiped tears from his eyes.

He’s an ornery one. 😉

9. Which character/s would you want to be roommates with?


I’d want to be roommates with the Elf Finora because she’s super nice, loves trees as much as I do and could keep all my plants alive for me. 😀 I may or may not be forgetful on occasion…

10. Share a line that makes you want to hug a character.

OK, I’m pretty sure I shared this last time, but I couldn’t help it! It hits me right in the feels every single time.

“It has been nine years since she died, and I grieve for her still to this day. That is why I must ask you,” he turned to Eruvred with anguish etched across his face and his voice suddenly stern, “to never again tell me that I do not understand your suffering.” Eruvred stared down at his feet, feeling utterly ashamed of himself. He felt Theadren’s hand on his shoulder. Looking up, his eyes met those of the king, who knelt and added gently, “I understand better than most.”

All at once, the pain and despair that had been trapped inside Eruvred overflowed and poured out his eyes. No longer did he possess the strength or will to fight. He could not even bring himself to speak.

Eruvred leaned forward and pressed his face against Theadren’s shoulder, tears falling freely, as the king wrapped his arms around him and held him in silence.

Excuse me while I curl into a ball in a corner and bawl for a while…

11. A minor character with author-headcanon you adore.

I’ll go with Barnard again. He’s an old Loremaster–a sort of historian/bard/scholar. And yes–I purposely chose his name because of its similarity to “bard.” 😉 A Loremaster’s job is to preserve the lore and history of a culture and to pass it on to the next generation.

Barnard’s father, Orthin, a highly respected Loremaster, died when Barnard was only 12 years old. With a heavy heart, his mother sought out a master to complete his education and training. Due to Orthin’s notoriety, an Elf Loremaster named Therian gladly accepted the boy into his charge.

Barnard spent the next 2 years living with the Elves and studying with Therian. Finally, when he was 14, he accompanied Therian on a journey to the mountains, where he would spend several months researching and recording local myths and legends. However, during their trip Barnard accidentally wandered past the Dwarf kingdom’s borders. He was captured by a group of guards on patrol and taken to the king. Given their animosity towards Elves, the king assumed that an Elf’s pupil had more sinister intentions for the Dwarves and so locked him in the dungeons.

Therian went before the Dwarf king, at great personal risk, and offered to take Barnard’s place. This was too tempting an offer for the king to resist. Barnard was released and pardoned of all crime, but he felt ashamed that his master suffered his own punishment. Now a free man, he chose to stay in the Dwarf city rather than return home, and swore to find a way to save his master in turn. Barnard spent the next 3 or so years living among the Dwarves. He found work in the forges, and in his spare time studied the history, culture and tales of the Dwarves, which would become his specialty.

After this time, a group of giant, vicious trolls attacked. Barnard fought alongside his Dwarf companions to protect the city. In fact, it was he who dealt the fatal blow that turned the tides of the battle in their favor.

After their victory, the king praised Barnard’s bravery and rewarded him for his deeds. The king also offered to grant any request he desired. Barnard finally saw the opportunity he had waited 3 years for. He humbly requested that Therian be released from the dungeons on account of his innocence and good behavior. The king grudgingly kept his word and pardoned Therian.

While Barnard appears in the book as a grouchy, stubborn old man, there is more to him than meets the eye, and his mysterious past is a source of much curiosity for Eruvred, who admires and respects him.

Stay tuned for week three’s answers to learn more about my work-in-progress!


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