Student Quote of the Week: Heartfelt Prayer

This week’s gem is from one of my Sunday School students, who eagerly volunteered to pray in class:

“Dear Lord, thank you so, so, so much for this beautiful day you’ve given us. Thank you for our church. Thank you for my Sunday School class. Please heal my great grandma’s neck, and help her to feel better. I pray for Mr. [X]. Please heal his body, but if he dies, please take his soul to heaven. And bless my Sunday School teacher, and when she dies please take her soul to heaven too, and all of her family. And when I die, please take my soul to heaven.”

By this time, I was so touched by her heartfelt and sincere prayer that I was trying very hard not to tear up. Then she continued, with the same level of sincerity:

“And Lord, please give my daddy lots of money so he can bring home pizza. Also, please let my sister and me get a bunk bed for our room. Amen.”



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