Student Quote of the Week: Supernatural Powers

During a lesson with a high school student of mine, I was explaining the concept of “voicing” to her. In this case, it involved playing the left hand accompaniment softer than the right hand melody, so the melody isn’t overpowered. As a result, it not only makes the melody more distinguishable, but smooths out the edges and makes the whole piece sound more “musical.” The student had learned the notes and rhythms, so she just needed that musical touch to make it really shine.

I then proceeded to demonstrate the voicing by playing a few bars of her piece. When I stopped, I looked over to find she was staring at the spot on the piano where my hands had been with really wide eyes. In an awed whisper, she said:

“That was amazing! How’d you do that? …Are you possessed??”

“Yes, my dear,” I answered. “I’m possessed with years of practice.”


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