My WIP Joy (Part 3)

Part 1, Part 2

Continuing author Bethany Jennings’ hashtag challenge: #JanuaryWIPjoy, where writers answer a daily prompt about their work-in-progress (WIP). To view the previous questions and my answers, click the links above!

Here are the next few answers for my WIP, “The Hall of Memories,” book 1 of “The Armor of Edir Chronicles.”

19. Some tastes/flavors shown in your WIP.

Bread, strawberries, apples, ale, tea, water, Cathy’s famous cookies, meat…and grass (long story).

*side note: It turns out that studying Irish Gaelic first thing in the morning makes my brain want to translate words I know into Irish, including this list of food. 😛 I actually had to reread the list several times to make sure everything was in English.

20. Some touches/textures experienced in your WIP.

The caress of the wind; a dusty old book; the silky mane of a horse; soft spring rain; slick river stones; sticky tree sap; matted, bloody fur; swords, bows, and armor; smooth cave walls; the crunch of leaves under foot; soft grass; harp strings; an ancient stone wall, reclaimed by nature.

21. You’d love for your book to be made into a [movie/TV show/radio drama/etc.] because…

I’d love for my book to be made into a movie, so I could see my characters brought to life on the big screen. 🙂 How cool would that be?! But I wouldn’t mind a TV show either, as more details could undoubtedly be included that way.

22. Most epic thing about your WIP.

Hmm. I guess the most “epic” thing about my book would be the magic. There are various magical objects and abilities throughout the story, the most important of course being the series’ namesake: the Armor of Edir (each piece of which gives its wearer different powers). But there’s also the Sun-Stone that harnesses the power of the sun. There’s definitely some epic moments where that’s concerned. And then there’s the more subtle magic of the Elves, who are born with natural powers unique to each individual.

23. Advice given to you that made your WIP better.

For me, it was mostly grammar-related “writing rules” that I was unaware of when I first started my WIP. Knowing what to avoid/change/include more definitely helped the flow of my story.

I also received not so much “advice” as a casual comment from a reader, who I’m sure never intended it to make such an impression on me. It was a simple, “Ooh, I’m very curious to see how this bad guy plays out in the rest of the story!” sort of comment, which left me realizing that I kind of ignored him for the rest of the book with intentions of not bringing him back until book 2 or so for more dastardly deeds. 😛 It got me thinking that maybe he should have a bigger part in book 1, and that realization eventually led to a major overhaul of the plot and connected all the pieces in a much better way. So…thanks Patricia! 😉

24. Advice you ignored because you know your WIP best!

I received a couple critiques that suggested I explain in detail the past events I only allude to in my Prologue, but I decided against that because, well, it’s only a Prologue people! It’s not supposed to explain everything that’s going on. It’s only meant to give the reader a “taste” of the story and hopefully peak your interest. If you want to know more, you’ll have to read the rest of the story. 😉

25. Shout-out to some people who have encouraged you in writing your WIP!

My parents (a.k.a. my first fans), my sisters (who have had to put up with more of my endless ramblings about my story than anyone else), my husband (even though I often ignore his advice on plot ideas which include the introduction of weapons of mass destruction into my medieval-setting world), my in-laws; and many, many friends including: Abby Jones, Heather Fitzgerald, Raelea Hiller Sutton (oops! Still not used to your new name 😉 ), Emily Shiflet, the Atterholt family, Deanna Brown, Christopher Hepburn, Joel O’Dwyer, and Katie Richardson. And I’m sure I forgot someone, but thank you just the same!!

More to come next week!




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