My WIP Joy (Part 2)

Part 1

Continuing with Bethany Jennings’ #JauaryWIPjoy prompts, here are my next few answers in regards to my work-in-progress, The Hall of Memories (book one of The Armor of Edir Chronicles). For more information about the month-long hashtag challenge, follow the link above to part 1!

13. A Piece of Feedback that made you smile.

This one was easy, because, as Providence would have it, I just recently received an incredibly encouraging critique from a complete stranger who read my revised Prologue. He gave some unexpected praise that left me a bit stunned (in a good way) for the rest of the week:


It was most timely, too, since my confidence in my writing was going through another shaky patch just then. It helps to receive reminders like this every once in a while that I’m not a complete failure, particularly after I’ve reread and edited the same sections of story what feels like 50 times. 😛

14. How do you want your target audience to be affected by this story?

I want my readers to fall in love with my characters (as I have), and be inspired to put on the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6) and fight the good fight.

15. Is there an animal you love in your book?

Most definitely. My stories always seem to have animals in them one way or another. I love them. 🙂

One animal I love from my current WIP is my main character’s horse, Maddox. He has quite the feisty personality and has been known to play the occasional practical joke on unassuming victims. Plus, he comes from a special bloodline, directly descended from the Pegasus. So that’s kind of cool.

Of course, I’m also partial to Panatar the great dragon, but readers won’t see him until much later in the series and I don’t want to give away any crucial plot points. 😉

16. Some sights to see in your WIP.

In the center of Ineris lie the two great human kingdoms: Dorvél in the north with its rolling highlands, and the windswept plains of Galdir to the south. It is a quiet, vast place where the spirit can soar with the wind. In the northern territory of Galdir, the great Lake Minaris shines like a pool of diamonds in the sun. But the ruins of the first human kingdom still haunt those shores, the bones of the old castle their only ghostly inhabitant.

Go west from Galdir, and before you reach the shores of the great Eventide, you will find the ancient forest of Ilfórien, the oldest and most powerful of the Elven kingdoms. But do not expect to be welcomed. You may wander through the outskirts–drinking in the memory and enchantment that permeates the still air–but none uninvited can cross the two rivers that encircle the kingdom at the heart of the forest.

At the eastern border of Galdir, you can stand at the feet of the Oraseth Mountains–the Mountains of the Morning Sun, whose towering heads are kindled with the first rays of day. Far beneath the northernmost peaks is the Dwarven kingdom of Arganos. Treat them with honor and respect, and you may find yourself at home among them (as long as you aren’t an Elf). But, whatever you do, never cross into the Vale of Delifor on the eastern side of the mountains…few who enter those woods come out alive.

To the south is the kingdom of Côran, the home of Belagoth the Lightless before his fall from power. The once fruitful land died long ago, leaving only jagged hills and earth so red it is said that it was stained with the blood of all who were slain by the tyrant’s hand. Although he was defeated many centuries ago, the Brunak–terrible wolf-men who were once the servants of Belagoth–reside there still, thirsting always for blood and violence. And there are rumors of a dark power stirring there once again. It would be inadvisable to cross that land, not even to see the wild grasslands of Feris beyond, where live the nomadic tribes and the most noble and majestic of horses.


17. Some sounds to be heard in your WIP.

Whispering winds, singing rivers, stories and music, the laughter of friends, the tears of anguish, the howls of the monstrous Brunak, the clash of swords, the roar of fire.

18. Some scents smelled in your WIP.
grass, earth, pine & other trees, smoke & fire, food, rain, horses, flowers, blood.

To be continued for the rest of January!




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