Happy New Year! Use Well the Days

A very happy new year to all! Do you have any resolutions or plans for 2016? Share them in the comments below! I’d love to hear them. One of my plans is definitely to make an effort to set aside a more consistent writing schedule. I’ve made some progress in my WIP this year, but I feel I could make more if I manage more consistency. Of course, that’s ultimately in God’s hands. 🙂

In relation, I also hope to be able to share glimpses into the story world with my readers as I get things cleaned up and reorganized. There are already a few “guest posts” in the works from Barnard, whom I introduced to you recently. He will be particularly valuable as a source of history and lore. Perhaps I might also share some more excerpts and/or quotes from the story–but small ones. After all, I don’t want to give away my entire book before it’s published. 😛

Thank you all for your love and support in 2015, and here’s to a brand new year, with no mistakes in it yet–as Anne Shirley would say.

I leave you with some words of wisdom by one of my favorite people–Tolkien. 🙂 These words also come in the form of a song written by Howard Shore and performed by Annie Lennox, with the lyrics taken from various lines in The Lord of the Rings. I first came across the song in the Return of the King piano book, and was quite perplexed because it doesn’t actually appear in the movie. Apparently, it was a consideration for the end credit song but they ended up choosing “Into the West” instead (which I’m quite pleased about, since it’s my favorite of the three credit songs). However, this song was included on the Return of the King LE bonus DVD. Or so I read, as I don’t actually own it myself. 😉


Use Well the Days


‘Round the corner there may wait

A new road or a secret gate

And though I have passed them by, a day will come.

I will take the hidden paths that run

West of the moon and east of the sun.

I’m glad that you were here with me,

Here at the end of all things.


Night too shall be beautiful

And blessed and its fear will pass.

I must leave, must cross the sea.

The love you gave is all I take with me.


Use well the days.

Use well the days.

Turn your face to the green world.

Use well the days.


Seven stars and seven stones

And one white tree from all the sundered seas.

Use well the days.

Use well the days.

Turn your face to the green world.

Use well these days.


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