Student Quote of the Week: Entrepreneur

The mother hands me some cash to pay for her son’s lesson. Upon seeing the cash exchange hands, the boy’s eyes grow very wide and he exclaims:

“How much money do you make?!”

I chuckle and explain how I charge so much for each lesson I teach, so that’s how much his mom pays me. Based on his facial expression, he clearly thought I was raking in the dough.

Later on, he says:

“I want to make as much money as you make! But right now as a kid.”

I pretend to ponder this possibility, then say, “I know! You could start a hot cocoa stand outside, and charge $20 a cup.”

The student gapes at me with a look of utter indignation. “TWENTY DOLLARS A CUP?? Are you kidding? That’s worse than Starbucks!!!”

I simply shrug and reply, “Well, you clearly were in a hurry to make money. I was just trying to expedite the process for you.”

I’m not sure why, but he didn’t go for my idea.


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