Character Introduction: Barnard

I would like to occasionally offer my readers little glimpses into the world of Ineris, the world in which my work-in-progress takes place. It won’t be a lot, because I don’t want to give too much away. 😉 But I thought sharing some quotes, and perhaps introducing some of the characters, would be a fun way to start peaking your interest (hopefully) while I continue to tackle the seemingly endless mountain of editing left to make it presentable as a whole.

So, for today, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you Barnard, Loremaster of Gilafar. Within the northern capital, he is known primarily for his unrivaled storytelling skills–that and his grouchy, cantankerous disposition. Yet his humble lifestyle conceals a most interesting and exciting past…which I’m not gonna tell you about now. 😛


Barnard! Complete with his characteristic scowl. 😉

Of all the characters I’ve created, Barnard is perhaps dearest to me. Part of the reason for that might have something to do with my soft spot for grumpy old men. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always found them endearing (I probably wouldn’t tell them that, though). At any rate, what began as a “fun” side character offering plenty of comedic relief quickly evolved into a complex and interesting person who continues to surprise me. He is already more involved in the story than I originally expected.

Barnard is a classic example of a book you shouldn’t judge by its cover. He has very little by way of worldly possessions. Most of his fellow citizens view him as just an eccentric old man who shouldn’t be crossed. Only a select few who are privileged enough to know him on a more personal level are able to truly appreciate his worth–as a friend, guide, mentor, and much more.

Given his almost limitless knowledge and knack for storytelling, he can occasionally be on the verbose side. Yet he makes an excellent source of wisdom to others–even if his advice tends to  come across as blunt or harsh. He lacks the patience for tact, after all.

A perfect example of such advice is that which he gives the main character, Eruvred, at one point in the story:

“…A little toe alone cannot stomp out the raging fire. For, alone, that is all you are my boy–a little toe. You will need all the feet you can muster to stomp out the fire that spreads in the south.”


grumpy barnard

Despite his rough exterior, Barnard is a dreamer at heart. Never one to turn down an adventure no matter his age, he is always pursuing new tales and is passionate about sharing them with others, especially those who know how to appreciate a good story.

In that respect, I suppose he is something of a kindred spirit to me. As Anne Shirley would say,  you wouldn’t think so to look at him, but he is. And kindred spirits are not so scarce as one thinks, after all.

I feel confident that you will see more of Barnard in the future here on this blog, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, I leave you with Barnard’s favorite motto, which is quite to-the-point yet deeper than you might initially think, much like himself:

“Seek Truth Always!”


7 thoughts on “Character Introduction: Barnard

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  3. I love it and can’t wait to know him better! 🙂 Also, this might inspire me to do something of the same for my story. I love it and I love your quotes and the pictures! How grand. Who doesn’t love a grumpy old guy who tells good stories? 🙂 I love these glimpses into your world!

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