The Armor of Edir: Artwork

I by no means claim to be an incredible artist. Drawing is certainly not my forte, so if I succeed in getting my book published, and I sincerely hope I will, I’ll gladly leave the cover art to someone with more talent. That being said, that doesn’t mean I haven’t drawn anything for “visualization” and reference purposes. I have a hand-drawn, detailed map of the entire fantasy world in which my story takes place, and I’ve even gone so far as to draw floor plans of certain buildings, just to make sure I describe the setting properly and consistently.

Weird? Maybe to non-writers. I’m sure my engineer-husband has wondered multiple times just what he got himself into, with the most recent occasion probably being this past weekend. I was touching up my drawing of a prominent symbol used in my story, and I may have gotten a tiny bit carried away. At one point, my husband actually asked me why I was working so hard on something that no one else was going to see. To which my reply was two-fold: 1) The better I can visualize it, the better I can describe it. And 2) Because it’s fun.

Okay, okay. I might be a little crazy. Still, his question got me thinking–why not share the final product with my loyal followers, for their benefit as well as mine? So, you’re welcome. 😉

Once I had finished the picture, it occurred to me that it would make an awesome cover for the book (albeit reworked by an actual skilled artist), so I made it into a mock cover, just for the fun of it. The symbol in question is none other than that of the Armor of Edir, from which the entire series derived its name. For which reason putting it on the cover seemed all the more fitting. Maybe my future publisher will disagree with me, but the fun part about my current situation is that I can do whatever I want, because I always agree with me. 😀

Disclaimer: please keep in mind that I’m not an artist, and I am well aware of the imperfections present. Not to mention that all the effects added to my hand-drawing were done using the Microsoft Office and Paint programs, so hardly professional quality. Okay–I’m done stalling.

So, without further ado, here is my mock cover for The Hall of Memories, book one of The Armor of Edir Chronicles.

Edir Full Cover

You want to test your commitment? Try spending hours meticulously applying the spray paint effect with a laptop mouse pad. But it provided the desired “glow” effect I was looking for. Even more to my delight, Microsoft Office has several “texture” backgrounds to choose from, one of which closely resembles stone (I think it technically was called “cement,” but close enough). And since the Armor of Edir symbol is carved into a stone wall in the story, it was too perfect to pass up! A little shading around the edges, and voila–a nice 3-D effect is created, like it’s actually carved in a wall!

When I sat back and looked at the final product, I was positively giddy with glee. There’s nothing like seeing something born in your mind successfully recreated in the “real” world.

It’s the small things.

Yes, the drawing’s not perfect. But it’s good enough for personal enjoyment, and even to share here without too much embarrassment. So, what are your thoughts? Comment below!


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