Tiny hands, soft and new,

Curled ’round a mother’s fingers.

From heavenly voices, a joyful tune

In the night air lingers.

Shepherds and wise, on bended knees

To worship God the Son;

Light of the World, King of Kings,

Son of Man, Holy One.

Born that God’s will be done.


Tender hands, obedient and pure,

To teach and serve and heal;

Mighty in power, faithful and sure,

Strong in holy zeal.

Warrior hands without sword

Command storm and demon alike.

Prince of Peace, the living Word,

The Way, the Truth, the Life.

Lived for the Law to satisfy.


Bloody hands, pierced with nails,

Hanging from a tree.

To sinners who alone doth fail,

A savior He shall be.

Humble submission, even to death,

Punished for sins not His.

The Lamb of God with final breath,

Unearned salvation did give.

Slain that man may live.


Victorious hands, glorified,

On the throne above

To rule and reign forever on high,

The ultimate gift of love.

Prophet and Priest, the offering

Of grace which overflows;

Messiah, Redeemer, Captain and King,

Same yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Risen that man may follow!

Thank you, Lord, for sending Your only Son to live and die in the place of Your elect, and for adopting us into Your kingdom that we may worship You forever. May we never forget the reason we celebrate this day. Amen.

And a very merry Christmas to you all!


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