The Hourglass Trilogy: III. The Lark and the Rowan Tree

Here is the final poem to the set: “The Hourglass Trilogy.” You can read Parts I and II here: Spinning Wheel, Winter Dreams. Enjoy!

The Lark and the Rowan Tree

forest trees


The maiden opens the window

And smiles into the warmth of the sun.

She hums softly as she sweeps the floor,

Guiding the broom with her hands in time.

To and fro,

Back and forth.


When lo! thereupon the window sill

A little brown lark chooses to alight.

He beckons the maiden outdoors

With a clear, bright voice as he sweetly sings.

A merry tune,

A joyful tune.


With the final note, he takes to flight

And calls for the maiden to follow.

She leaves the broom, and forgets her shoes,

Bare feet carry her after the lark.

Into the woods,

The stirring woods.


She spies the bird high above on a branch

As he breaks forth into cheerful song.

The little brown lark hops from limb to limb,

Chasing the voices that echo his strain.

Melody sweet,

The Chorus of Spring.


Quickly the maiden, with eyes so bright

And cheeks of rosy hue, runs after the lark.

Past trees reborn, ’til she comes to a glade

Where a little river gushes joyfully.

Tripping and splashing,

Rolling and laughing.


Across the river, on the other side,

A young rowan tree is in full bloom.

The warm, golden sunlight illuminates

The pure white flowers. And from behind, the lark

Peeping out

And singing loud.


O rowan tree, who in splendor shines

And embraces the sun with uplifted arms,

Who drinks deep from the bubbling stream!

Thy graceful beauty enhances the melody.

Song of life,

Life of Spring.


Creation’s beauty stirs the bare-foot maid

To cast aside her winter cloak.

With laughing voice, she twirls and dances,

An offering of praise to the Father on High,

Who made the lark

And the rowan tree.


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