The Hourglass Trilogy: II. Winter Dreams

The Hourglass Trilogy is a group of three poems I wrote to accompany a set of piano pieces I composed, of the same name. The first poem was called Spinning Wheel. Today, I’d like to share part two: Winter Dreams.

Winter Dreams

winter snow river

Summer’s cloak has faded and the trees have cast off their crowns.

The first snow has fallen, covering the world

In a downy veil of white.

A stillness hangs in the air,

As though the world has fallen into peaceful slumber.


The wind blows bitter cold and howls in the night.

The maiden wraps her warm cloak safely around her,

And listens with eager ears

To the father of her father

Tell many a story of make-believe by the light of the fire.


It matters not how many times she has heard them before;

These are her favorite memories that never grow old.

Tales of dragons and giants,

Of wizards and fairies,

Of the journey of a hero over mountains and seas.


She closes her eyes and lets the words take her far away.

The cold world of snow melts away to reveal:

A castle by the sea,

An eagle in the clouds

And Elves dancing merrily inside a forest green.


Although the sands of time seem to have run their course,

The hourglass will again turn on its head.

This is not the end.

So she loses herself

In the stories woven by Winter Dreams.


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