The Hourglass Trilogy: I. Spinning Wheel

The Hourglass Trilogy is a set of poems I wrote to accompany three of my piano pieces (of the same names), which celebrate the changing of the seasons and the beauty of creation. The songs came first, but after I finished writing them, I felt inspired to capture their idea in words as well as music. Today I will share the first poem, which I thought was particularly appropriate to this time of year. 🙂

Spinning Wheel

 autumn trees


Another summer has come and gone; he has departed this world,

Casting aside his cloak of vibrant hues upon the flowers and fields.

They have been left behind to fade into the lonely white of winter.

Waves of color that paint the earth and dance in the wind,

Soon to be forgotten.


Round and Round the wheel spins, steady and sure.

The soft threads glide effortlessly through the young maiden’s fingers.

She thinks to make herself a new winter cloak,

As a cool breeze wafts through the open window

And kisses her face.


Autumn has crept back into the earth.

The maiden can feel it in the crisp air. Outside,

The trees have adorned their heads with crowns of red, orange and gold

In celebration of the passing year and in expectation

Of the one to come.


She drinks in the beauty with her eyes,

And meditates on the artistry and power of the Creator,

Who holds in one hand the paintbrush of sky, earth and sea

And with the other guides the strands of time

Through the Spinning Wheel of His purpose.


4 thoughts on “The Hourglass Trilogy: I. Spinning Wheel

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    • Thank you so much! Whether I’m creating a picture with words or music, both give me great joy. And it often moves me to praise God, the original Creator, for seeing fit to bestow beauty of all forms on this world in the first place. 🙂

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